Ryuji HATTORI

 1. Education

 Johns Hopkins University (2023) MA in international relations

 Kobe University (1999)
Ph.D. in political science

Kobe University (1994) MA in law

Kyoto University (1992) Bachelor in law

2. Career

  Chuo University (2003-present): Associate professor (2003-2010), Professor (2010-present)

  Takushoku University (2000-2003): Lecturer (2000-2002), Associate professor (2002-2003)

  Chiba University (1997-2000): Research assistant (1997-2000) 

3. Governmental Committee

Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (2012-2019): Committee member 

 Japan-China Joint History Research (2006-2010): Committee member

Japan Center for Asian Historical Records, National Archives of Japan (2001-2010): Committee member 

4. Primary Publications in English

Ryuji Hattori. Japanese Diplomacy and East Asian International Politics, 1918-1931. Translated by Graham B. Leonard. London: Routledge, 2024.

Ryuji Hattori. Fighting Japan's Cold War: Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone and His Times. Translated by Graham B. Leonard. London: Routledge, 2023.

Ryuji Hattori. Japan and the Origins of the Asia–Pacific Order: Masayoshi Ohira's Diplomacy and Philosophy. Edited by Graham B. Leonard. Singapore: Springer, 2022.

Ryuji Hattori. China–Japan Rapprochement and the United States: In the Wake of Nixon's Visit to Beijing. Translated by Graham B. Leonard. London: Routledge, 2022.

Ryuji Hattori. Japan at War and Peace: Shidehara Kijūrō and the Making of Modern Diplomacy. Canberra: Australian National University Press, 2022.

Ryuji Hattori. Eisaku Satō, Japanese Prime Minister, 196472: Okinawa, Foreign Relations, Domestic Politics and the Nobel Prize. Translated by Graham B. Leonard. London: Routledge, 2021.

Ryuji Hattori. Understanding History in Asia: What Diplomatic Documents Reveal. Translated by Tara Cannon. Tokyo: Japan Publish Industry Foundation for Culture, 2019.

Ryuji Hattori and Tosh Minohara. "The 1920s: The Washington Treaty System and the Immigration Issue." In Makoto Iokibe and Tosh Minohara, eds., The History of US-Japan Relations: From Perry to the Present, 63–82. Singapore: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.

Fumiaki Kubo, Ryuji Hattori, and Satoshi Hattori. "The 1930s: Japan's War with China and American Non-Recognition." In The History of US-Japan Relations: From Perry to the Present, edited by Makoto Iokibe and Tosh Minohara, 83–102. Singapore: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.

Ryuji Hattori. "Controversies over the Tanaka Memorial." In Toward a History Beyond Borders: Contentious Issues in Sino-Japanese Relations, edited by Daqing Yang, Jie Liu, Hiroshi Mitani, and Andrew Gordon, 121–147. Translated by Daqing Yang. Cambridge: Harvard East Asian Center, 2012.

5. Others

 My work Nicchū Kokkō Seijōka [The Normalization of Sino-Japanese Relations] (Tokyo: Chuo Koron Shinsha, 2011) received two prizes (Asia Taiheiyo Sho Tokubetsu Sho, Osaragi Jiro Rondan Sho). This was translated into Korean and published by the Yourak in 2017.

 I edited an autobiography of Wang Zhengting, a Chinese foreign minister in the 1920s and 1930s and published it as Looking Back and Looking Forward (Tokyo: Chuo University Press, 2008). His manuscript written in English is in Yale University.

 My doctoral dissertation was revised and published as Higashi Ajia Kokusai Kankyo no Hendo to Nihon Gaiko 1918-1931 [Japanese diplomacy and East Asian International Politics, 1918-1931] (Tokyo: Yuhikaku, 2001). This received the Shigeru Yoshida Prize (named after Shigeru Yoshida, a former prime minister of Japan).